Serving the Lord Regardless of the Cost

Bruno and Lydia and their little daughter Janna are on a new assignment. God has called them to a new post and it is a thrill to follow them on their journey....

They studied at our school in Spain, and held their first pastoral position in Malaga; then they moved to a ministry post in Langley, British Columbia.

The vision for western Canada was to launch a “train and deploy” ministry just like the ones we’ve set up in every location where God has called us. “Train and deploy” is not our idea either! Jesus called us to this, in His Great Commission: “Teach them to obey all the things I have commanded you.” Bruno shares the same desire.

But soon after we began the project in B.C., the government closed down the work: With an overwhelming influx of people looking for work in Canada, Bruno’s visa was not renewed.

Still, Bruno and Lydia “felt no loss”—they simply looked to the Lord for direction. Spain came clearly back into view.

This is where the story gets really exciting for me! As they came back to Spain, word spread like wildfire. Several very reputable churches made diligent efforts to bring them as their senior pastor.

Another city church in an affluent suburb, Las Rozas de Madrid, offered a similar package. In beautiful Granada, a church was offering salary plus housing. Churches in beautiful coastal regions wanted Bruno and Lydia to come and be their beloved pastoral couple.

But to all these offers, Bruno and Lydia said no. They did not go for the “money packages.” They were looking to God. They had one question and one question only: “Where does God want us to be?”

And they ended up going to a “half-salaried” position—“third-salaried” would be more accurate—in the city of Benidorm!

“Why?” I asked Bruno. Because, he replied, there was no Gospel work in the region. It’s overrun with cults. Many of the cities in this region have no Gospel witness whatsoever!

Bruno’s vision here, as before, is a strategy of “train and deploy”—right in the bull’seye of the Great Commission. He wants to serve God, despite how little some may think it pays. His reward was serving the people of God for the glory of God. Despite the cost.

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