Cuban Pastor Views Cuba as a Gold Mine

I've been all over Spain meeting with our people at the extension centers. There is genuine enthusiasm as the students articulate their vision for their ministries in the year ahead. Aimee, in her third year in the central program, has an exciting vision for her native Cuba. She lives in Madrid and studies with us, but her heart is at home.

She urged us to give her dad a chance at church planting in Cienfuegos, Cuba. I always feel some hesitation about nepotism, but we decided to give them a try. Suddenly I was greeted with a smattering of pictures of the “building project” from the church that her father has planted! The people of the new church themselves came up with all the funds to acquire the land and building materials—and then they built it!

I praise the Lord that He led us to say yes to the “investment.” The Word did not return void—it accomplished what God sent it out to do—in spades, for all eternity!

Aimee confidently shared her bold vision for Cuba. She has a passion for children’s evangelism—as a means of reaching their parents—in order to gather whole families into churches!

Last summer, she went back with her husband and their little daughter and started a child evangelism project linked with her father’s church-plant. She and her little team of “little women” led 300 children to Christ! The children came from different parts of the city, and Aimee knew that they would need follow-up. So with her own money, she has hired three Cuban workers to do the work that needs to be done!

Her maternal instincts have kicked into high gear. She wants to nurture the children and families in her program. She wants to provide for her workers and send support regularly to keep the program going strong.

She’s only begun. She sees the countless neighborhoods throughout Cuba—a gold mine! She wants 15 champion ladies to fan out and replicate the program as far and wide as God leads them. We praise God for Aimee, she is a blessing and inspiration to us all.

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