Health Problems Couldn't Deter This Young Evangelist

Meet Nancy. Hers is a very special case. I was told in advance of her delicate health condition and various surgeries she has gone through. She has had severe intestinal disease and large portions of her intestines removed.

As if her gastrointestinal challenges were not enough, when she was less than 12 years old, doctors accidentally injected her with a medication that produced a severe reaction. Her hand and forearm went purple and black. The doctors decided to amputate her right hand and most of her arm. It was an “unlucky” experience, her doctors said, but there was nothing she could do. The hospital is military; her family had no legal recourse. All the doctors could do was wish her better luck!

So Nancy has no right hand and no right arm. No prosthesis, either. And less than half of her small intestine. I expected to meet someone grim, someone living under a cloud. Surprisingly, Nancy’s beaming smile dispels all gloom. She’s intelligent and articulate. Her English is excellent; her accent acts like an adornment to the conversation. One conversation makes it obvious that she is university-trained and very smart! Most amazing of all, this very happy person is without an ounce of bitterness—and a dynamic evangelist.

We sat at a table to record a video interview with her. At another table were 10 or more leaders preparing details and planning for the summer campaigns. During a lunch break, one of the leaders revealed something Nancy had humbly declined to mention: seven of the ten leaders around the table had been brought to Christ and discipled by Nancy herself.

Wow! God does it again. It seems that God will not miss an opportunity to show us how His power can be perfected in weakness. This petite, weak, handicapped person, by the mere fact that she is willing, is being used mightily by God. It is humbling, inspiring, convicting. Hopefully, more than anything, it is powerfully motivating!

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