How a Flight Transformed a Medical Doctor

I was flying out of Cuba and feeling the impact of the last few days; short nights of sleep and long days. The night before our flight we got three hours of sleep. But the man next to me, whom I’ll call Waleed, was like a kid on his first airplane ride! He was curious about everything and enjoying even the menial details of the flight. He was just sure I was enjoying the flight myself!

He wanted to compare notes on our experience in Cuba. I didn’t veil any detail of my wonderful trip. I shared how much joy I get from people who are transferred from darkness to light. I am not tired of it, and we see it all over the world.

The man was very interested in this “phenomenon.” He asked for details of our work: our training, our background. He took it all in with sincere wonder.

Waleed decided to share his own confusion and need for clarity. He is a medical doctor in Winston-Salem. His parents are Palestinians but, tired of the past, they opted to become Catholics. So Waleed Hagan was raised Catholic.

We had a lot of questions to work through. Waleed was very thorough in trying to understand Christianity as it is revealed in the Scriptures. I was happy to respond, impressed by his genuine interest and his ability to assimilate the information and reason his way to very logical conclusions. Our time to Panama flew by — literally!

Waleed, with his good logic, was ready to receive Jesus Christ for salvation by faith apart from any merit he could muster. He realized the reason for the need of grace, of unmerited favor.

Waleed wants to stay in touch. He wants a relationship with a good church. I have already sent him a study Bible and the names of two good churches close to where he lives. Waleed is on his way!

Exciting weeks in ministry — what more could one hope for?

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