The Leper and the Pastor's Tea

I believe you will rejoice to receive this amazing true chapter of the Lord’s strong protection of His servants in the field....

Let me take you to India!

I’ve come to connect with Saroop, a ministry friend who operates microbusinesses — involving dairy cows — to fund ministry in various villages. Saroop uses the cows to help lepers escape their indigent lifestyle and become self-sufficient.

The initiative began as Saroop was speaking to elder leaders in the leper colonies. They listened patiently as Saroop advised them that all he wanted to do was to be a servant to them, to help care for them and their families....

At an appropriate moment, one of the leaders offered him some tea. Saroop accepted. As the leader disappeared to get the tea, Saroop was feeling pretty good, feeling as if he were making progress. Then the leader reappeared; and Saroop saw that he was carrying the glass of hot tea in an awkward way. The man had grabbed the glass by the rim — and had deliberately placed a finger, covered with infected sores, into the tea!

He placed the glass in front of Saroop. Aware that a challenge had been issued, Saroop decided to calmly answer it. He simply drank the tea, right down to its dregs! Thank you for the tea!

Saroop will joyfully tell you today that he is serving 52 leper colonies and has not contracted leprosy!

This is without a doubt what the Lord had in mind as the fulfillment of the Great Commission. He wants us to take the things that we heard from Him, in the presence of many witnesses, and entrust them to faithful men — who will also be qualified to teach others, just as Paul admonished us in 2 Timothy 2:2.

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