How Christians are sometimes like football players

Life has a way of settling us into our environments. It has a way of moving around us and getting us to play a role that becomes mostly reactionary. Time and again we find it difficult to be proactive and do what we purpose to do. We typically fall short of our New Year’s resolutions because the routine and the inertia of life around us seem too strong for us to make significant changes.

So how do we live consistently as God intended us, as Great Commission Christians – not just in our theology – but in our daily living?

Knocking Down the Enemy’s Strongholds

Coach Shug Jordan was once asked about the type of player he was looking to make his football team. Looking for guidelines, his questioner asked: “Coach, would you rather have the player who gets knocked down and still gets up to make the play? Or would you rather get the player who gets knocked down twice and gets up to make the play?”

The head coach replied: “I want the guy who keeps knocking all those players down!”

God doesn’t want us to live a reactionary lifestyle and be just “hanging on” to ideas we don’t put into action. God wants us to be proactive and by His Spirit knock down every stronghold that opposes us. He wants us to be His hands and arms and feet in the building of His church! That’s not my idea, it’s the message of the New Testament.

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