A Servant on Mission

In Genesis 24, we find Abraham’s servant on a mission, searching for a bride for his master’s son, Isaac. Laban called the servant “blessed of the Lord.”

That’s you and me! We’re servants on a mission. Our mission is the Great Commission —to gather in members of the Bride of Christ for God’s Son. And the methodology of Abraham’s servant is the same methodology that has succeeded down through history . . . a model of excellent service and good stewardship:

1. The servant prays before acting on the plan.

2. The servant is quick to praise God when the plan works.

3. The servant has a profound conviction that God can, and does, control all the details of daily life.

4. The servant demonstrates that God shows us His will through prayer.

5. The servant demonstrates the success of those who properly engage in the work of the Lord.

Note that the riches the servant bestowed on the bride are not his own. The mission and purpose are not his own. The outcome is not his own, but God’s. The bride is not his own, but rather intended for the son of his master. Yet this servant is blessed of the Lord—obviously blessed—to be part of such a great enterprise. He is blessed to be part of such a family!

God help us to be like this servant. He was obviously not lax about his mission or his responsibilities. He wanted to succeed, and to quickly achieve the will of the one who sent him. He wanted to be quickly restored to the side of his master. His tone, when he refers to his master, is one of love, loyalty, and respect.

You and I share a commission today in parallel to Abraham’s servant. It’s not a commission linked to camels, watering holes, or nose rings (although I see that these are coming back!) Our mission today has everything to do with stewardship, prayer, and diligence. For me, it also has to do with long journeys to distant lands!

What lies ahead for us? Just as the servant was not casual about his approach to the task, we need to be focused and purposeful in our service and our stewardship.

• We need to agonize in prayer.

• We need to organize for the task.

• We need to mobilize to execute the plan.

• We need to be ever mindful of our dependence on God.

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