Read how this young Cuban student took part in a huge harvest for Christ

A Cuban student found herself far from her family and her people—yet she refused to be left out of the wonderful revival in her country! She prayed and plotted and planned, even though an ocean separated her from her homeland.

Years ago she encouraged her parents not to miss out on the great harvest under way in Cuba. Her parents wanted to be part of it all, but didn’t know where to begin in their province, Cienfuegos.

We were shorthanded in Cienfuegos! So I talked with our coordinator there, got them an interview, and they were brought on board immediately.

I never gave the hiring of Mary’s parents a second thought....They would probably be good workers; maybe they would plant some churches. . . .

A year later, Mary went home to Cuba to visit her parents. She came back hugely excited by her parents’ progress! She brought pictures of an impressive church building they had already erected—with their own hands, and with the help of the new converts they had led to Christ!

Meanwhile, Mary herself was planning to hold child evangelism crusades to reach many children in new neighborhoods—with the ultimate goal of reaching their parents to launch more church-plants!

The work was so overwhelming, she felt she needed full-time helpers. She asked us to evaluate her plan. Along with her parents and the national coordinator, we agreed that she should focus most of all on unchurched at-risk children. Reaching their parents would make a powerful impact.

We surveyed the region and realized that Mary could actually use 15 or more fulltime evangelists to cover the neighboring areas and towns.

Mary went back to Cuba to train workers and conduct children’s festivals and crusades.

Days later, we got her report.


Hundreds of parents and hundreds of children came to faith in Christ. At the training sessions, they didn’t have 15 evangelists—they had 25! Two workers were left in charge of supervision and ongoing training.

All of this because a person 4,650 miles away refused to be kept out of the great Soul Harvest!

She may be far, but she is NOT OUT! She is in! The Harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. God's desires is for us all to be in, like Mary. Are you in???

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