Does young Esteban remind you of yourself?

Meet Esteban. Esteban, 28, is from the Barcelona region. He came to Christ just a year ago. He is incredibly diligent and very, very smart. He’s a very serious student. He’s taking everything in.

Esteban is the first in his family to come to Christ. He wants to take it all in because he feels the salvation of the family depends on his getting it right! He is absolutely correct—even more than he realizes! There are thousands, even millions, of people out there who desperately need for us to get it right!

This is God’s multiplication principle in action: someone had to “get it right” for you to come to faith. They needed to know the essentials of the Gospel and be willing to step into your path and pass it on. For many folks, it’s a family member who gets it right and passes it on. Often it’s a trusted parent. Sometimes it’s a son, a brother, a sister.

And in some cases, it’s ... a stranger! The more distant the relationship, the more preparation is needed in order to effectively reach out, present the Good News, and provide whatever supporting information the conversation requires.

Esteban has a heart of gold. He is hungry not only for the content of the message, but also for the skills he will need to share it, to defend it, to apply it.

After knowing so many young leaders over the years, I look at Esteban and truly believe that he is going to be a champion of the faith. And he is not alone! We are all champions in Christ and have the opportunity to lead someone to the faith. God is using us all to raise up men and women who will be faithful to Christ’s Great Commission and reach millions for eternity. Amen!

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