This Cuban pastor is successfully employing his military background into his church planting strateg

Accelerated Church Planting and Boots on the Ground

Let me tell you about a church planter whom we call Sgt. Joe. Joe is not his real name, but he has an amazing and contagious New Testament church planting record and technique. Just like the Apostle Paul, Sgt. Joe surrounds himself with a small band of 6 or 7 coworkers who are his core team. Joe and his coworkers have already planted more than a dozen churches and they continue to branch out for an explosive impact around Havana, Cuba. It is so encouraging to watch Sgt. Joe at work with a 10-month-old church where we last saw him. He was drilling the 150-member congregation about the fundamentals of the Christian faith. His drilling habits are what have earned him the nickname, Sergeant.

The drill goes like this:

Sgt. Joe: “Who is our only and sufficient Savior?!”

The congregation in unison: “The Lord Jesus Christ.”

Sgt. Joe: “What is our mission as His church?”

Group: “To proclaim that there is salvation in no one else!”

Sgt. Joe: “Where do we start our proclamation??”

Group: “With our family! With our friends! With our neighbors!”

Sgt. Joe: “What is our goal in our outreach??”

Group: “Our neighborhood! Our Province! The Country! And the world!”

The drills go on to specific lessons, specific passages, and specific action steps. It is a thrill to see that people who didn’t know the Lord a year ago have been transformed in such a short period of time to become active members of the Lord’s Army – His church – thanks to Master Sergeant Joe!

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