The part time jobs of these full time Cuban pastors

I bring you BIG BREAKTHROUGH NEWS TODAY from Cuba! We asked our coordinators to gather our workers in the different areas and invite to the meeting. We heard testimonies that revealed that the advance of the work is not only volunteer driven, but it’s also happening everywhere, and it is explosive.

Individual testimonies were deeply moving, even heroic. We asked about the “how” of managing work and family while conducting such productive volunteer ministry. The testimonies began to flow.

• We heard the testimony of a shoe repairman. He is a leader of what they refer to not as house churches but as neighborhood churches. He fixes shoes in order to put something on the table for his family, and then he gives himself to the larger “more full-time” job of planting churches and leading others to plant churches.

• He introduced another man in his late 40’s. The man looked as if he’d been baked by the sun. He gets up at 6 a.m., has his devotions and study, then heads off to the backbreaking work of cutting grass with a machete for seven hours a day. He comes home and takes a shower, eats, and heads out until after dark to do evangelism and church planting. He is planting four churches!

One of the friends in our party asked him, “How long have you been a Christian?” The man answered without any pride or emotion: “Eight months.” We were astonished, again.

A follow-up question from our group: “How did you come to Christ?” The man answered, “I was hitchhiking, like we do to get from one place to another. Two Americans picked me up, and they were nice to me. They gave me a little paper that explained the gospel. I read it and prayed to receive the Lord. Then I looked for a church to attend.” Nothing magic about that! The “preaching cobbler” called it “New Testament Christianity and New Testament strategies.”

• We heard testimonies about a man who makes ice cream and then sells it so he can go do the “real work” of planting churches.

• We heard about people who “fix nails”—give manicures—so they can do church planting!

People are serving God because of what God said He wants us to be doing. In their hearts and minds, “God said it and we must do it.” It is a simple and very powerful conclusion.

#Cuba #churchplanting

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