Letter From Dr. Vambo

I bring you great news: We’ve been caught doing something right!

I’ve just received this letter from our partner, Dr. Vambo, in Liberia, where Ebola still rages on:

Dr. Manny,

Greetings to you. Applying the Church planting strategy you

introduced in our country, we have already covered the entire

Bong County, just like we have all the other counties. For example, we have assigned Church planters to Kokoyah, and Suakoko, which have most of the towns on Dr. Bill’s list. However, care will be taken to begin in the towns with a well but without a Church....

We are very grateful to you and World Link Ministries for all

the resources: library, financial, technical, intellectual and

moral, to kick off the Church planting ministry in Liberia.

You [all] are an agent for transformation of our country and the

subregion. Our constant and fervent prayers are with you: that

the Master of the harvest may grant you wide open doors, as you

solicit funding for the ministry in Liberia and other parts of

the world.

Dr. Jacob Vambo

This letter thrills me! We took a risk going to the epicenter of Ebola about a month ago, but everything we knew could come from it is already coming to pass just a few weeks later!

And I believe this is just a small “down payment” on everything we anticipate will happen in eternity . . . where the achievements and the rewards will stay with us forever!

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