A Lesson from Geese

There are challenges, sure. Fine. Our God guarantees

victory! He has given us the Spirit of 2 Timothy 1:7: power,

and love, and self-control!

I’m reminded of a professor I had at Multnomah who also did some farming on the side. One day, as he was watering with a hose, he saw that the chickens had gotten into the vegetable garden. They were scratching to eat the seeds in the ground. He decided to chase them out by turning the water hose toward them. They burst into an explosion of cackling and ran as if fleeing for their lives.

Then the prof noticed his geese nearby and decided to give them a dousing as well. But as the water fell on the geese, they stretched their necks, opened their wings, and began a joyful march toward the source of the water!

The prof asked us: “How do you face your challenges? How do you face your oppurtunities?"

My word to you today, my friend and partner, is simply this: Spread your wings with us today! Join the joyful march! Give a generous gift to participate in the amazing work that God has prepared for us together. Your contribution will support His courageous servants in the field—and transform lives by the power of God’s love!

I hope to hear from you very soon. Thank you! God bless you!

#geese #challenges #opportunities

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