There’s a Problem in Spain that You Can Help Solve

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I could fill pages—but here’s the bottom line: You are doing something huge. The students who will graduate from our Madrid seminary in a few days will touch the world—because of you.

You reached out to them—you engaged in a missionary act—you support them in their training ... and now we will see God work through your generosity and love!

But at the same time, here is the practical reality—and I trust because of our friendship I can share frankly with you: Of all the places God has called us to minister around the world, Spain is the field where we have the least support.

So today, as you prayerfully consider how God could use you again in prayer and giving, I hope you will be led to open your heart in a special way to Spain.

We have seen, and we continue to see, how our Spain-based ministry rocks the world for God—in Europe, in Africa, and beyond. But these students, and the teachers equipping them, need your help.

Pray about giving a special gift today to help us meet the immediate financial need of our work in Spain. Pray about making a commitment of monthly support, if you haven’t already. Pray about being as generous as possible, because we seriously need to establish a permanent home for our school—God has led us to a building, but it will take $1 million beyond our regular budget. (First priority: Install bathrooms!)

Your great generosity today will change the spiritual topography of Spain ... of Europe ... of Africa ... and more.

Do you feel inadequate? In God, you are great. Whatever role you can play, God will bless and multiply—and I know God will bless you as well, according to the promises of His Word. Let God work through you! He wants to!

I hope to hear from you quickly. Thank you so much for understanding and for responding from a heart of love and compassion for a world in need of Jesus!

Whatever the Lord leads you to give or commit to today, I pray you’ll respond right away. The clock is ticking—graduation is only days away—and the future of evangelism will be impacted by the decision you make today. Thank you again! God bless you!

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