The Best You've Ever Helped ... But He Didn't Know It!

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I wish you could meet Mike personally. He is probably the best theological mind ever to come through our seminary. Several of our teachers feel that he should be already studying at a Ph.D. level. I agree. I believe he can become a powerful tool for changing the topography of Christianity in Spain and beyond!

Mike loves to write; he’s been writing a daily blog. No big deal, right? “Everyone does that.” Yes, but he had 300,000 readers last year! (I’m thinking he could sell ads!)

Yet beyond his studying, thinking, and writing abilities, Mike is a practitioner. He’s already pastoring. His teachers see his love for God, his full engagement in every course, and his tremendous talent, and they ask him to back them up in their churches.

Which is how Mike and his newlywed bride, Susan, came to serve in one church plant in Barajas, near the airport, and another in a city outside Madrid. He has also served as our English-to-Spanish translator when professors come from the U.S.

Even with all of these intellectual abilities and gifts, Mike has a wonderful servant heart. He is not proud. You won’t find him going around “sharing” his achievements. In fact—and here’s the shocker... Mike actually has somewhat of an inferiority complex!

Maybe it’s because Mike’s older brother, Jose, also a graduate from our seminary, is very outgoing, very well liked. Jose is the more dominant brother. He’s a good evangelist. Mike has grown up with most of the attention, most of the focus, on his big brother—whom he truly loves. It has taken a lot of convincing to get Mike to believe what we truly believe about him ... that he is outstanding!

God has tremendous things in store for Mike and Susan. After graduation, they’ll spend a final year in their pastoral roles in the two churches they’re serving, then they’ll head to Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, on scholarships, to complete a master’s and a doctoral degree! Susan also plans to study counseling and Christian education.

I wonder how many Christians feel like Mike. Maybe you do yourself. You may feel that your contribution to the Kingdom is small. But I want you to understand what Mike is finally coming to understand: God is pleased to use you—and wants to use you still. We have this on good authority! You are created in Christ Jesus unto good works which He prepared beforehand that you may walk in them (Ephesians 2:10).

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