God Starts in Spain ... and Reaches Africa!

Mark and Priscilla were students in our seminary—but today they’re launching a missionary organization in Spain. Their goal: Connect small churches to a place on the globe where their relatively slight resources can make a visible impact—in the African nation of Equatorial Guinea!

They’re connecting to another of our graduates, Juan, a native of that country. Today Juan is president of that nation’s Pastors’ Association. Mark and Priscilla have invited Juan and his wife, Monica, to become field directors in Equatorial Guinea. Monica came to us 20 years ago from Galicia, Spain. She and Juan met and married and have been serving the Lord in Guinea since.

When you invest in this ministry, God keeps multiplying your generosity—for decades!

Soon, two of our students who hail from Equatorial Guinea will return to their country as missionaries from Spain ... supported through Mark and Priscilla’s new ministry!

A single Sunday school class in Lynnwood, Washington, has faithfully partnered with us for many years—to make our connection with Equatorial Guinea a reality.

No matter who steps up to serve, no matter where on the planet their heart longs to make a difference, God honors the servant’s sacrifice—and a drama of eternal proportions unfolds!

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