A Nationwide Ministry ... He’s Nervous About It!

Meet Dave and his wife Stephanie. Dave is a dynamic youth leader. He leads one of the top youth programs in Madrid.

But as Dave was entering his fourth year at our seminary, he had a sense of loss and a sense of dread. By learning, he had come to see that there is much more to learn! He suddenly realized that “the more we know, the more we know how little we know.”

How did he come to such a point in life? Dave’s story actually begins more than half a century ago....

A missionary family from Minnesota came to Spain in the early 1960s as representatives of the Billy Graham Association. After some time, they had a beautiful daughter. She grew up ... and at a central church in Madrid, the missionaries’ daughter fell in love with the pastor’s son. They married. As the original missionary from Minnesota retired he passed the mantle of the Billy Graham Association to his son-in-law, whom he had groomed to take over. That same son-in-law and his wife raised a family and their daughter fell in love and married our student, Dave. Dave is now being groomed to take over the Billy Graham Association in Spain sometime in the future!

Dave didn’t set out to be a “big-ministry” person. He is what you might call a “homebody.” He likes to stay close to the nest. He’s been happy in his role as a church youth pastor. With the impending change, he feels inadequate.

He wants to be totally prepared for his next, highly demanding role. But God is sufficient ... beyond our vocabulary! Dave’s wife, Stephanie, has already been granted a scholarship to Dallas Theological Seminary to study for a master’s degree ... and Southwestern Seminary is happy to welcome Dave—to get as much training as he can stand!

This powerhouse couple will make a huge impact on the worldwide harvest! Their ministry will be a product of your love and prayers! You gave Dave the gift of his initial four years of seminary training.

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