How God is Using the Spanish Terrorists to Help Spread the Gospel

I am so excited to be sharing all that is going on in the ministry since I last wrote six weeks ago. Since I last wrote I had the opportunity to go to Spain with pastor Chris Freeland from McKinney Memorial Bible Church in Fort Worth. Chris shared at our annual conference in Madrid, walking our students through the Old Testament in four days. Then we headed to Benidorm where he walked through the O.T. in a day with our guys there. It was a great time.

Right after he left, I picked up two other pastors from Fellowship Bible Church of Montgomery, TX. They had much less time in Spain. They arrived on a Tuesday and were scheduled to depart on Friday; so we only had three days together. I was a little worried that they would not be able to understand the vision of what we are doing in Spain in such a short time. Wednesday morning we traveled to San Sebastian, Spain to visit Unai, one of our graduates serving in Northern Spain. I was not prepared for the incredible news of what was going on up north. We arrived in the northern region with time to see a little of Southern France and part of the beautiful city of San Sebastian.

In the afternoon, Unai met up with us and shared with the guys how they had been meeting in a school auditorium for the last few years since they had grown so quickly, but now something exciting was in the works: the governing party currently in power in the Basque region (also the front for the terrorists) was poised to give them a new building!I was blown away because the government does not do nice things for the evangelical church in Spain. As a matter of fact, they usually shut down anything we are trying to do. But God has chosen to display his sovereignty over nations and rulers in the Basque region. It has been a shock in summers past that this party has granted us permits to put on our country festivals to share the gospel in the best, most prominent parts of town! They don't give those permits to other groups but they give them to us, because we have a great God!! He is using them so that we have a greater platform to share the gospel with THOUSANDS!

Let me get back to Unai. He was quick to take us to the area of town where the wealthy live which is also just three minutes from the University. He said, "Look at this place!" It was breathtaking. Incredible view and location but on the other side of town. "Let me tell you why this place is incredible," he said. First, this building is 16,000 square feet! Maybe five churches in Spain have that much space! Second, it is connected as you can see to two buildings. These are low income home buildings who would want to take advantage of our food distribution program. But, Third just across the street from the neighborhood is the wealthy part of San Sebastian. This is a people group yet to be reached in this city. Fourth, we have set up our church on the other side of the city but now we can expand our outreach on this side. Fifth, just across the street is a whole free sports complex where we could hold sports camps and other sports related outreaches! Sixth, we are just three minutes away from the University and a whole demographic we were missing before. Seventh, the government is giving us this!!!

I thought of Nehemiah who had a burden for Jerusalem and the fact that the walls were in ruins. He prayed for four months and one day the king asked him what was wrong and he told him and made a request. God moved in the heart of the king and not only gave what Nehemiah asked but far more than he could have imagined. God even uses kings and rulers to bring about his purposes. Even though this is great news, the project is not yet finalized. We are praying that all goes well in the transaction and that the church will quickly receive the rights to use the building and begin to remodel it so that it won't just be the empty shell it is now. Please join us in praying for the final details.

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