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Discover World Link

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World Link Ministries is an evangelistic force training and deploying Christian leaders who are planting churches and saturating their regions with the Gospel.


"I have been on a mission trip to Cuba before but really enjoyed learning about all of the other countries World Link Ministries impacts for Christ.  I am going to become an ambassador and help spread the word about World Link."

"When I came on the tour I got a in depth understanding of how World Link spreads the gospel and I am excited about inviting my friends to the tour."

"Great tour! I love the Church Planting session and am excited about getting more involved with World Link Ministries.  I'm definitely going to invite some of my friends."

Thank you so much for your interest in all God is doing through World Link Ministries! One way you can better understand our ministry is to go on a tour of our mission. We would love to take you throughout the world to see our mission in action, but until then our Discover World Link tour gives you a glimpse of the heart of our ministry.


This is a one hour tour where we provide an overview of our ministry, and share stories of lives changed all over the world. Discover World Link is truly a worthwhile hour!


If you would like to join us for a virtual Discover World Link tour, please contact us at or call us at (972) 251-0513.

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Pastoral Training

We provide pastoral training centers in country, equivalent to a masters in seminary. This allows local believers to become better equipped to evangelize their communities and plant disciple making churches.


We train our students to evangelize their communities, and provide assistance through sending short term mission groups to help extend their reach.

Church Planting

We provide our church planters with financial assistance allowing them to focus full time on saturating the nations with the Gospel through multiplying their churches.