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Adopt a Pastor

In 2000, we at World Link Ministries experienced a turning point which marked the beginning of unprecedented growth in church planting movements. We were introduced to church leaders in Cuba who were eager to be trained and sent out across the island to plant churches.


How does the model work?

  • First, the leaders are trained. This happens every six weeks at a 4 day Seminary Conference.

  • Second, the workers are deployed. Between the conferences, each worker has two tasks: Share the gospel and Plant churches.



We have seen thousands of churches planted which has impacted Cuba in tremendous ways. This has resulted in the following:

  • Children's clubs and ministries springing up

  • Drug addicts and alcoholics being rehabilitated

  • Refugees being cared for

  • Broken families being reconciled

  • Entire communities being transformed by the love of God


This strategy works because we are all doing our part. You are partnering with them, we are training and deploying them, they are planting churches and transforming communities! 

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3


1. Pick a church-planter with whom you would like to partner at $38/month


2. Commit to praying for the church planter and their work in ministry


3. Each month we will send you an update from the mission field