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About us

World Link Ministries is an evangelistic force training and deploying Christian leaders who are planting churches and saturating their regions with the Gospel.


Our Vision




World Link Ministries has a special three-pronged strategy that focuses on saturating the nations with the Gospel and starting church planting movements. We do that first through Pastoral Training. Many churches fail because of the lack of solid theological doctrine. We are aiding local leaders by providing them with a seminary training at no cost. We are currently bringing this training to over 1,500 church planters in 12 countries, but there are still thousands who want to join our program and be equipped to be effective leaders.


Our second focus area is Evangelism. Not only is pastoral training important but we want for all of our seminarians to be actively sharing the gospel each week. We don’t want to send out smarter Christians who keep their learnings to themselves but instead passionate Christians who can’t help but share the Good News with their communities. On top of that, we host short-term mission trips that allow churches in the US to come alongside these church planters for a week and boost their evangelistic reach in an area. 


The most effective way to disciple those who have been evangelized and accepted Christ is through Church Planting. This is the third focus area of our strategy. Church planting movements are rapidly transforming countries all over the world by focusing on teaching people where they work or live. Pastors are faithfully sharing the Gospel and training believers to go and share with others as it was shared with them. We receive on a weekly basis 5-10 of offers to bring our strategy into different countries so that they may be transformed for the sake of the gospel.


We believe that we have only begun to scratch the surface of what God wants for World Link Ministries. Over the next five years we want to see five more countries brought into our scope of ministry through these three focus areas. And we want to plant at least one thousand churches in each of these five countries.

More about us

Our Distinctives

  • Urgency: we will operate with a bias towards action, making reaching the lost our driving priority

  • Creativity and Flexibility: we will be open to new models of ministry, and we are willing to drop those which are less effective in order to increase our efficiency

  • Local Equipping: we will seek to ground everything we do in locally based and locally led efforts, convinced that this model of ministry is the most effective and biblical

  • Church-Driven: we see the local church as the biblical, sustainable model to support evangelism

       and extend Christ's kingdom, and are committed to working with existing church networks

       as well as building new ones

  • Pioneering: we are committed to ministries in the most challenging parts of the

       world, where the soil is rockiest and current spiritual fruit is scarce

  • Disciplined: We will pursue a pace and scope of ministry that is sustainable

       over the long term, and effective in the short term. We will not over reach,

       spread ourselves too thin, fail to say "yes" or "later" when we should

  • Accountability and Results Orientation: we will focus on ministry impact,

       not merely activity, and hold one another accountable to a high steward-

       ship standard for all of our resource